We Bought a Home!

Finding the New Haydin Home!
A Spring Lifetime Update

Guys, the moment is finally here where I can say we bought a house! I’ve spent many restless nights praying and crying over this moment, because there was a time I thought it would never happen. After what feels like a 3 year process, we have a new Haydin Home!

I am someone who is beyond the normal level of sentimental. There are boxes upon boxes of photos and old papers I have stored because I’m too dedicated to throw them out. I’ve always had a strong connection with the concept of home. The house I grew up in was foreclosed on when I was 16 and I was devastated. There had been my childhood, now lost. This was the location of my first walk, my best friend lived kiddie-corner. Everything I had known had been tied to that house. Gone was my childhood home.

Our family moved into a new house in 2011. It was an old farmhouse, in the same city we lived before. I equate this to my second chapter of my life. We made a lot of good memories, but this was really where my adult life started. I lived out my last 2 years in high school here and came to this house for Christmas break in college. It became our refuge as my dad spent many nights in the hospital during my college years. It’s eventually where Richard moved into after we had Leo. While this house marked the end of my childhood, it became the home for something so beautiful. It’s where Leo grew from a baby to a wonderful human being. This is the home where his childhood began.

It’s a weird feeling moving on from that. A place where my roots grew. We put so much time and love into that home, it’s hard to move on. But, now my dad has a space of his own and we now own something that’s ours. We have a long way to go on this journey, and I’m so excited to use this blog and my Instagram as a platform to share it.

My Advice for First Time Home Owners

I do want to start this by saying, I wrote this right after we bought our house and the housing market has changed drastically. If you’re struggling right now to find a home, you have my prayers. We were fortunate enough to find the house we did with no issues during the process. Just keep swimming!

So many of my friends had issues with their buying process. We had multiple people tell us not to buy right now. Advice which we ignored. The pandemic did a number on the housing market, so many people are buying right now. We had such an easy and enjoyable time through the entire process. I’m no expert, but because we chose the right team we had an easy experience. I highly recommend LaBrosse Home Reality if you’re looking for a home in the Milwaukee area. Choose the right team, and don’t think you need 20% down… you don’t.

I’m excited and recharged for the future! This is the next step in our life journey, and I’m excited to own a home of our own. This will be the house of Leo’s childhood. A lot of the wonderful memories I made in my childhood home he now gets to make here. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. It wouldn’t have happened without Libby Sue Photography and I’m excited for more possibilities in the future!

A Small Life Update

Its been hard for me to post anything throughout the pandemic for multiple reasons. Yes, I’m in a bit of a funk (personally not in photography) and the way the world has been acting has taken a toll on not just me, but you too. Planning for the future is nearly impossible right now, as you never know what could happen tomorrow. More evident this year than in a whole lifetime.

I’m making a vow to you, and a vow to myself to keep my feed COVID-19 free. I want to operate in a fear-free business model where I can inspire and lift others. Just because we have differing opinions does not mean we can not work together or form a friendship. I value people for being people! The path to empowerment starts now!

And on another note… we got a new cat! We originally thought we would get another dog when we bought a house. Turns out we’re a one-pup family. If you don’t remember, I wrote a blog about Sully here. But we did have room for a new kitty cat. Meet Felix! The sweet, cuddly, slightly cross-eyed, lavender Siamese cat. He’s a rescue from the Wisconsin Humane Society and he fits perfectly into our family. If you want to see more of Felix you can head over to my Instagram.

I can not say thank you enough. I’m excited to start sharing again. There are some fun projects ahead for the Haydin Home and Libby Sue Photography. Thank you for following our journey!

April 26, 2021

  1. Maddie says:

    I love it! Cant wait to meet the new little pal!

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