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Wow, does it feel weird to be writing this again. It’s been a long time since I sat down at the computer and wrote what’s on my mind. I honestly don’t know if this will return naturally or if I was ever good at it. A lot has changed for me, and I’m sure you, […]

Finding the New Haydin Home!A Spring Lifetime Update Guys, the moment is finally here where I can say we bought a house! I’ve spent many restless nights praying and crying over this moment, because there was a time I thought it would never happen. After what feels like a 3 year process, we have a […]

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Tis the season! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this. I would normally plan out a big ordeal for social media and my blog, but this year has been even more unexpected than anyone could have expected. So rather than give you a “5 things I’m thankful for” or “3 ways to be thankful during a […]

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Sunset on Mackinac Island of Mackinaw Bridge
Girl in corn field with hands on hip