Meet Sully!

Everyone Meet Sully!

This post is way overdue! In March we added a new addition to our family, who has 4 paws and a whole lot of fur!

Why the Golden Doodle?
Because I wanted one. My dream dog has always been a golden retriever, and when I met Sully, I fell in love. Golden doodles are known not to shed (YES!) and are good family dogs. Plus they’re super stinking cute! Sully is a good mix of golden and poodle, loves new friends, and is incredibly fluffy! When I saw Sully I instantly fell in love IMEDIATELY and knew he was the dog for our family.

Why Sully?
We have a Disney theme in our family. Richard’s first date he took me on was to see Monster’s Inc. in 3D. I thought it was too fitting for him. Plus his fur is the golden version of Sully’s blue hair in the movie. So far it’s been fitting for him

How it’s going?
Great! Although we feel like we have another child (we kind of do) Sully has easily become a part of our family. He’s gentle with Leo and loves to cuddles, which is all I could have asked for. He loved to get in the garbage and make a mess, but he is potty trained and stopped eating Leo’s toys.
Overall I can’t believe we have our first dog together. I’m excited to have another family member. Welcome Sully Doodle.


Keep up with Sully on his Instagram here!

September 24, 2018

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