October – Creepy Crawly Shoot

October – Creepy Crawly

I debated a long time wither or not to share this shoot. It’s not something I normally do, or share on my blog. And it definitely isn’t a wedding. I couldn’t not share these images on my platform, because I love the way they turned out! With Halloween coming up, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do something new!

I’ve been talking to my husband about things I miss doing. One of the things are photo projects. In college I did a project every week for classes. I miss fine art photography and to bring some of that back to my life, I’m going to start doing monthly photo projects for my blogs! I’m not promising a schedule, but I think this is a way for me to keep exploring photography. If you’re ok with that, let’s go!

When I got to this shoot I questioned what I was doing. I scream at spiders and have my husband come to the rescue. I’ve seen snakes behind glass but don’t remember ever touching one, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to use these images. Modeling photography like this is something I haven’t done since college. But I’m so glad I did!! I entered a world of photography I didn’t even know existed. These models were incredibly beautiful and talented, I would work with any of them again in a heartbeat!

Not to mention I faced my fear! I was face to face with the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen and not one tear. I learned that snake scales are made out of keratin just like our fingernails. No slippery or poisonous snakes here! I met Ralph, the gecko, who’s my new pal. Sometimes you have to come face to face with the things you’re most afraid of to realize they’re not that scary.

WARNING! If you are afraid of snakes or spiders, this may not be the blog for you.. or maybe it is. I promise, they’re not that bad!


CoordinatorMichaela Gordon of Captivatin’ Mickey Creations
Models :
first – .Jessica Gardner
secondAndrea Salas
thirdBrenda Barrales
Brenda, JessicaAmy Slawson
Andrea – Kitty Tomaszek
Jessica and Brenda – Samon Mahas
Andrea – Adriana Olivia
Animal TrainerRex Raasch

October 28, 2018

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