Megan & Chandler – Chula Vista

Megan & Chandler – A Halloween Wedding

October 13 2017 – Chula Vista Resort – WI Dells

First, Megan should be the next Disney princess. She may not be the Cinderella type of bride, but she in every way deserves to be a princess… Maybe the Halloween version?

Second, This wedding party was crazy. I think that’s all I need to say, you can tell by their album.

I thought this would be the perfect throwback wedding today because it’s been a little over a year. Plus, the Nightmare before Halloween theme works perfectly for this week

Lastly, I’ve worked at the Chula Vista more than once and have nothing but good things to say. Not only is their venue gorgeous (as you can see) their staff is incredible! They were incredibly accommodating and it would would be a pleasure to work with them again.

October 22, 2018

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