Priscilla & Raymond

Priscilla & Raymond ā€“ Green Bay, WI

June 7, 2017 ā€“ Holiday Inn – Kelly Lake

Every wedding I shoot is so unique, and this one takes the cake (I’m not just referencing their amazing cake toppers). I’ve never experienced so much in one day, there was a surprise performance, flash mob, and cows… living, breathing cows. It seemed at first that things were working against the day, but it turned out beautiful. Any wedding that ends with a bride ending frolicking in a field goes down as a success in my books.

I’m excited to finally share some of my favorite weddings from this summer. This was some of the most simple, yet there was still plenty of love. Raymond was up for anything Priscilla wanted, and I think that’s what makes a true Price Charming (this one just drives a tractor).

November 18, 2018

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