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20 Things in 2020 Wow, another year bites the dust. 2020 here we come! It wasn’t an easy one, to say the least. Every year it seems that the universe throws a different challenge into our lives and we’re forced to put up our umbrellas and wait it out. I don’t think anyone has an […]

ClickCon 2019 ClickCon Chicago 2019 I can’t contain my excitement!! At the beginning of the year I set 3 goals for myself. One was to go to a conference. I’m proud to say I checked that off my list. This is ClickCon’s first year. Overall it had some kinks, the classes were too short and […]

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25 Things in 25 Years When I turned 24 a switch in me flipped. I suddenly felt old. Tomorrow, I’ll be spending my 25th birthday in Chicago at a photography convention. If you’ve never been to a convention, you need to go sign up for one now. Especially if you’re a photographer. 25 years on […]

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