May – Motherhood


Nothing has changed my life more than stepping into motherhood. It was such an awkward transition in my life where I went from being completely independent to have another human completely depend on me. This little baby had taken precedence over everything else. It’s become impossible to separate being a mother from other parts of my life.

An infant is dependent on those around it and can not survive without a giving hand. A baby is most dependent on it’s mother, from womb to world. Through it’s only known way of communication, when a baby cries it needs someone there and it is our job to figure out why they cry.

My Baby You’ll Be

I decided to explore the relationship between a mother and child by exploring my own relationship with my son Leo for my senior thesis in college. It’s no secret that I had Leo while I was in college, and he became a huge part of my work. I took inspiration from a viral photo series from the photographer Murad Osmann called “follow me to.” If you’re on facebook, you’ve probably seen it.

I show my hands interacting with Leo but I am still removed from the picture. Thinking of our own mothers, they were consistently there to feed, hold, and nurture us when we were little, but it goes without notice from us. When you become a mother, your baby instinctively comes first. When you think about all that your mother has done, and sacrificed for you, you gain a new appreciation for her.

Please, I would love to share these images I took while at Carroll University. Somewhere along the way, I lost a few files. Regardless, these will always be special to me.


Mothers hand baby diapermothers hand doing homeworkmothers hand reading my baby youll bemothers hands putting baby to bedmothers hand sleepy baby in carseatmothers hand feeding baby

May 14, 2019

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