ClickCon 2019

ClickCon 2019

ClickCon Chicago 2019

I can’t contain my excitement!! At the beginning of the year I set 3 goals for myself. One was to go to a conference. I’m proud to say I checked that off my list. This is ClickCon’s first year. Overall it had some kinks, the classes were too short and there were way too many photographers in the shootouts. However, I learned a lot of valuable lessons and I

ClickCon Day 1:

This day was insane! Not only did I have a jam packed schedule, there were people everywhere. One of my favorite parts of conferences are the Keynote speakers. ClickCon did not disappoint. The first speaker was Kevin Kuster who talked about his project Watts of Love. Not only is Jerry an incredibly talented fine art wedding photographer, his talk on Watts of Love was inspiring. Nearly 1 billion people on this Earth live without electricity. That means when the sun goes down, you can’t see. Think about it, you have more power in your cell phone right now than some people have in their lifetime. Watts of Love works to provide those people with solar powered lights. I highly suggest you check out their website and consider donating.

Jerry Ghionis was the second keynote speaker and he was just as inspiring. ClickCon did a great job of finding speakers, and Jerry was probably the funniest. Not only is his fine art wedding photography gorgeous, he’s a phenomenal speaker. My paragraph here can’t do it justice. His talk was mostly about the importance of photography and prints backed with incredible stories. Think about your most cherished photograph. Now think about what you would do if you lost it. That, in simplicity, was the meaning from his speech.

I also learned a ton of information from the classes. There were a lot of instructors who talked about the importance of personal work and storytelling through art. There were new lighting techniques and equipment taught in almost every class. I’m also excited to now update my product catalogs for all my clients.

Biggest take away’s from day 1:

– Prints are important!
– There are a million different ways to photograph the same subject
– Invest into your clients

Instructor: Scott Robert Lim

1st Model: Cinthia Tapia Mascorro

2nd Model: Daphane G

3rd Model: Hilary Page


Instructor:  Zara Ashby

1st Model: Cinthia Tapia Mascorro

2nd Model: Ryan Martin

Instructor: Richard Kefgen

ClickCon Day 2:

It was my birthday! One thing I really learned from this conference, is that Chicago and conferences are exhausting. However, I think I learned the most this day. I did 4 styled shoots, 2 of which you can see below. I also took a class from Zara Ashby on how to price yourself, which was incredible. Zara’s work is amazing and she had a really good presentation. A lot of photographers are hush hush on business practices, it’s so refreshing to have a conference like this where speakers are 100% open and honest about everything.

My biggest take away’s from Day 2:

– Shoot with intent. Think about why you’re taking an image. If you can’t answer that, don’t shoot.
– Every photographer is different. One instructor would do things one why while the other would say the complete opposite.
– Digital files don’t last (I’m sorry everyone). Unless you have a print on your wall or an album, you’re not going to look at your images.

Instructor: Scott Robert Lim

1st Models: XO INNERGEE & Meg Klinger
Hair: Melanie Saldana
2nd Models: Ryan Martin & Marisa Vekazquez

August 12, 2019

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    I love these images and how you you were able to take so much away… that’s awesome!

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