Matt & Maddie – Sunrise Shoot in South Milwaukee

Matthew & Madeline – Couples Shoot

Sunrise, South Milwaukee, WI

I can’t tell you enough good things about these two, and this gorgeous sunrise shoot was better than I could have dreamed. I met Maddie two years ago, we were both fresh(ish) out of college and starting our lives in the corporate world. Including people is what Maddie was good at, and I was good at not talking to people. Somehow in that mix Maddie became one of my best friends. I watched her and Matt go from dating, to engaged, and now life long lovers.

We spend hours a week together talking about life, complaining about work, and figuring out the future. The transformation Maddie has made in her life in the past 2 years is inspiring. She stands up for the little guy, isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, and through everything knows that there is always room for growth. The beautiful thing that I’ve noticed about Matt is he stands by her side and allows her to be the BAB she truly is.

I highly suggest you follow Maddie on her journey by clicking here.

Location: South Milwaukee:
Sheridan Park
St Francis de Sales.

P.s. all their outfits were found on Amazon!

October 27, 2019

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