Chelsie & Dan – Backyard Wisconsin Wedding

Chelsie & Dan

Backyard Wedding – Oxford, WI

I’ve been DYING to share these images with you since the second I saw their reception venue! This gorgeous backyard was something straight out of a Nicolas Sparks movie, I could probably pitch a tent and be happy living there forever. I am, however, sad I did not get to see the horses. I did get to see more pick-up trucks than I ever had in one place, but I was fore-warned in advance that this was a redneck wedding (exact words from the bridal party!)

As you can clearly tell, Chelsie was stunning. This bridal party as a group I was jealous I wasn’t a part of, they were all beautiful, and you could tell they are a girl squad that will last forever. Not only that, but their entire family was extremely welcoming and nice to me. Her little ones (almost) stole the show. Dan was a man of a few words, but his eyes definitely showed a love that spoke volumes.

If I had to do my wedding over again, I’d want it to be exactly like this. Congrats to Dan and Chelsie, I know you’ll be fine in wherever life takes you!

March 17, 2019

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