Lake Geneva Ice Castles

February – Ice Castles Adventure

Lake Geneva, WI

Last weekend we were so excited to be able to go experience the ice castles in Lake Geneva. I had purchased tickets well in advance and was stalking them on social media.  Leo and Richard were hyped up and couldn’t wait to go. I love finding fun things to do as a family, and I thought this would be amazing!

The Before:

We had purchased our tickets during our pre-sale and their process was super easy. We bought our tickets, then a few months later we got a link to select the day we wanted to go. There were a bunch of days and times to pick from. We selected Saturday at 3:45 because we thought we could be there before and after sunset. We were wrong (I’ll get to that in a bit).

This is where I get honest and real with you, I wasn’t as impressed with their communication. I had emailed them about their influencer program (having already bought tickets) because I already knew I wanted to write this blog post. She emailed back once and then nothing. Saying no is ok, what really bugs me is when people say nothing.

The day that we had originally picked was the day that it was 40 degrees out. They, understandably, had closed. I completely understand that, but they didn’t communicate that with me. The only way I knew they closed is by my dad telling me when he saw it on the news. I emailed them and was easily able to reschedule, but what about someone who had tickets at 10am and was traveling from 2 hours away. There should have been some kind of email blast.

The Experience:

I thought it was amazing! The location they picked it incredible, right on the lake with plenty of restaurants surrounding it. It was smaller than it looked in the pictures, which I saw coming. They were great about not overcrowding it though and we were able to get some cool pictures without people in the background. We were only there for about an hour and a half before there was not much else to do (plus it was too cold to have Leo out any longer). Admittedly Leo didn’t want to go down the slide, but the line for that was insane anyway.

Everything was impressive, but it does look cooler in the pictures. Because we were there at the end we can tell some of the icicles had already fallen. It was still an amazing experience to explore and photograph, my only wish is that it was bigger. Overall impressive for their first year doing this and I’m sure they can work out the kinks. I would definitely recommend the experience and would go again (Leo is still asking if we get to go back).

February 24, 2019

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