For this project the assignment was to create a phone application. I imagined this design as an app to function similarly to a dating app for for adoption. Users can go on this app and "swipe" through animals they like. This app can also be used for shelters who are looking to create an easy workflow for adoptions. Let's walk through the process!

The Process

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How it Works

When you first log onto the Gotcha app you will be asked if you're looking to adopt an animal or if you are a shelter who has animals for adoption. Each person will go through a series of pre-screening questions.

The answers from the pre-screen will automatically filter the animals for adoption so the adopter only sees the animals they qualify to adopt. They can then swipe through the pets and save the ones they're interested in, Each animal has their own profile. From here the user can swipe through photos, ask questions, submit a application that autofills from their pre-screen questions, and add the pet to their favorites.

The Company


The Products

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Greek Gods have become synonymous with eloquence and sophistication, so why not represent them in a line of luxury brand chocolates? This mockup is a project of 3 different candy bars each showcasing two special ingredients represented by a different Greek God.

As a brand that thrives to empower the consumer and bring a piece of Greece into their homes, the logo draws from the gold colors and crowns that are worn by the Greek gods. When thinking for the Titans you think of power, danger and strength which is represented by the strong custom designed typeface with the sharp serifs. The different variations are for different needs of where it is being displayed.

About the Project

The Logo

The inspiration for Titan Chocolates comes from the family of giants that were ruling the earth in Greek Mythology. Each individual flavor reflect individual attributes from each god it is named after. The products are make only from natural ingredients and uses authentic Greek olive oil.

The inspiration for this project came from an artist named Jessica Hische. She focuses on illustrations and typography. She's well known in design for creative logos and bright colors.

The chocolate is made using only the finest, organic ingredients that reflect individual Greek gods.

Brand Assests

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The Process

The Style Guide

Flashback to your childhood! The prompt was to create a logo and webpage for a clothing brand. PUZZLE is a brand that creates nostalgic clothing for a target audience of millennials.

The Prompt

The Final Product